Sunday, August 05, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, K

My precious K,

One year ago, I was nursing you for the very first time (as I waited for my pizza.) :) Snuggling your precious little body, still trying to learn what you looked like.....I couldn't stop looking at you. I was kissing all over your beautiful little round head and crying pretty much how I am right now. You are such a joy and a delight, K, a bright spot in our lives and a continual blessing. As I nursed you to sleep tonight, I looked down trying to remember how little you were then, and seeing only how big you are now--walking and trying to talk and bringing smiles to everyone you meet. I still can't believe how happy you wake up every morning, going from asleep to crawling in less than 2 seconds, smiling and talking the whole time. I love that you still like to nurse, and when you get tired enough, you try to lift up my shirt and snuggle in for a snack. It still frustrates me that you refuse to hold still until you are completely asleep, insisting on kneading and pinching, squeezing and scratching whatever skin is available. You have learned that fake coughing gets you attention and you love to make us laugh. I'm not sure if it's you or me that's confused, but you know how to sign "more" and "all done" I just am not usually sure which one you mean. Not only are you a continual motion machine, but since you've learned to walk, you are unstoppable and without fear. Tonight you found a way to climb up onto B's bed--we'd really better watch out now. You have the constant bumps and bruises to prove that you are well and truly a toddler. No longer my baby. But you know what? You'll always be my precious baby girl. Always. My gorgeous K. So stubborn and beautiful, smily and determined, such a gift. A precious, precious gift from God. We're so very proud of you, K, so very proud and so very in love.

Thank you for making me the happiest mommy ever. Happy Birthday, Little One!

I love you!