Sunday, August 15, 2010

New pictures!!

I always love seeing new pictures of everyone's families. It is one of my most favorite things to do.

My very talented sister, Mary, took some new family pictures at my cousin's house. They turned out GREAT!

The girls got a little antsy after some family "posing," so we let them run around and climb and swing and play.

My sister brought one of her older daughters who was able to help keep kids under control while we were otherwise occupied, which was fabulously helpful. How many photographers can boast an assistant who is cousin to those in the pictures? ;)

It was so funny trying to catch personality from each of the girls. The oldest is a ham and totally cooperative. The middle cooperates but has a wonderful "picture" smile (that she gets from her Daddy.) The youngest is.....well, the youngest. She does what she wants. Mary did a great job, though, and I can't wait to get these up on our wall.

Of all of them, though, this last one of my three precious girls is my favorite. Makes me feel so very blessed to have this sweet little people in my life.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well, it's true.

I'm the mom to a 6 year old. It's true. I'm finding it rather hard to believe.

It's true that I allow my 15 month old to watch television. She doing it right now.

It's true that she'll be content for maybe 3 minutes. So I had better type quickly.

It's true that I ride the bus to and from my classes to save money on gas.

It's true that I actually enjoy riding said bus. I use the time to read or study or close my eyes or *gasp* knit. I love it! My favorite is to knit while listening to a book on my mp3 player. Fabulous!

It's true that I currently have A's in each of the classes I'm taking--microbiology, 2nd semester Anatomy & Physiology and an Art class.

It's true that I've amended my schooling plan to include a major in Art. This is only so that I can hopefully enroll in a photography class or two. I will then drop the Art major.

It's true that my 3 1/2 year old hasn't nursed for at least 3 weeks.

It's true that this makes me a bit sad.

It's also true that it makes me very grateful for having another baby still nursing.

It's true that my 15 month old will sign "all done", "milk" and please. She also nods and/or shakes her head vehemently to get her point across.

It's true that my hubby and I had our first uninterrupted night of sleep in more than a year this weekend.

This was only true because we convinced the grandparents to keep the girls overnight on Friday.

It was lovely. This is very, very true.

It's true that the youngest has lost interest in the video and has now gone in to wake up her big sisters who are napping. She has also found the camera cord and thrown it in the garbage. She is now stuck between the couch and the end table.

Time to go. This is most certainly true.

Monday, January 11, 2010

13 days from now...

My beautiful B will be 6 years old. CRAZY! We have some rough plans for a birthday party. It will be her very first party where she invites friends rather than just expecting 30 of our closest family. :) Most likely we'll also have a small dinner party for her with the grandparents. Once again, our little princess is wanting a princess party. Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure was the request. Guess we should get used to pink and purple fluffy sorts of thinks.