Friday, July 27, 2007

metamorphosis of toddler-ese

Stage 1: More war!
Stage 2: God gave us a mighty whoopin'
Stage 3: (yesterday) God gave us a mighty weapon

No, we aren't teaching our daughter how about war, or for that matter, how to get a whoopin'! :) She learned about it all on her own. Kidding. :) This is B's current favorite song--one that my little sister taught her from her camp counselor day, including actions. It's a great song. I'm not sure which one I'd rather hear come out of my child's mouth in the grocery store, or during the sermon at church--More war, or something about a mighty whoopin'.

Here are the words to the song:
God gave us a mighty weapon,
to live in victory,
to stomp on the devil and walk mightily.
So put on your holy armor
and don't be afraid no more.
no, no more, you've been chosen by the Mighty One.
Yes, now it's time for war!

1 comment:

SarahRachel said...

ha ha...that's so cute! Yeah, those lyrics could easily be misinterpreted! ;-)