Sunday, December 16, 2007


1183....That's the number of photos that I deleted off my computer. Photos that I had taken in the last six months. They were all either blurry, had eyes closed, were comletely extraneous or were just duplicates of decent pictures that I had already edited.

After deleting ALL those, I still have more than 1,400 pictures left. For just the last six months.

Crazy. (I must have cute kids.)


SarahRachel said...

I have 6000+ pics and videos. I have GOT to start deleting because my fairly new Mac has started to run soo slow. I think we might have a picture addiction? Ya'll have a Merry Christmas!! =)

Anna said...

Picture addiction? yes, I'm fairly sure. I've taken over 18,000 pictures on my camera since I got it--3 1/2 yrs ago. Yes, that does tend to bog down a computer. Just the thought of losing all of those makes me cring. I MUST backup!

Jay said...

Hehe, this sounds familiar. Lets see, I have just under 6000 pics in my Ariel folders... those are just from this past June to now... we had to upgrade our computer because of my photo habit. Hee. In my backups since Ariel was born, I have a disc per month of photos... I don't even want to count how many pics those add up to.