Thursday, January 17, 2008

for Christmas....

Over the weekend, we were at my aunt's house at a family baby shower for my cousin and his wife. My sisters helped B get her lunch, so she was sitting at a table with them. K and I were sitting at the other table when I heard some laughing. My sister filled me in on what was going on--B said that we were getting a baby at our house for Christmas. That she was thinking the baby should come on Christmas Eve. As my sister was telling me this, B was looking quite excited about it and then piped in, "yes, Mommy, a baby from your tummy!" As opposed to the doll variety of baby, you know. We must not be confused on what the princess B wants!

I felt obligated to reassure everyone that there was no news that B was trying to enlighten them on. NO, we are not pregnant. :)

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