Tuesday, May 27, 2008

family fun

I was really annoyed to not have a car (blown head gasket on my car) for most of a week and feeling very home bound and lonely. I had spent many hours on the telephone, but it just wasn't cutting it. So, Thursday night, after we got kids into jamas, Hubby and I decided to head to Barnes & Noble for a little browsing and some hot chocolate at the cafe. It was actually quite a fun experience, even with 2 semi-tired children. The girls and I looked at magazines (OK, B & I looked at magazines while K climbed on the stepstool and tried to hang from every possible surface) while Hubby browsed.

We stopped at the cafe and got Godiva hot cocoa. YUMMM!!! Totally rich and fattening. Exceedingly delicious. The gal gave us a couple sample cups and we shared with the girls. They were so cute! I'm sure the fellow patrons thought we were crazy filling our children up with coffee at 8:30pm. Oh, well. It was a really fun treat.

These were in the car on the way home. The hot chocolate was gone, but I had refilled the cups with water to mix with the dregs of the chocolate. Who would have known? The girls were still thrilled--cheap dates, I guess. :)

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