Monday, November 24, 2008

my life

My life, right now...

~dealing with the difficult transition from nap to no nap with B, while enjoying her wonderful helping spirit and embracing her boundless energy.

~helping to encourage K in her ability to "listen and obey" (a frequent refrain at our house) without coming down too hard on her because I know we're all still dealing with the transition.

~enjoying without reservation my endless capacity to smell "milk breath" all day long. Oh, how I love to snuggle her close and appreciate that deliciousness.

~transitioning from a mom of two to a mom of three. This means pulling myself away from gazing at my ever-snuggly babe to spend some worthwhile time with my older girls. It also means giving myself some grace as I walk through a house that needs to be cleaned.

~remembering that my husband is lonely for me, too. He wants to snuggle and visit with me just as each of the girls do, but I need to remember to put him higher on the list even when he isn't specifically (verbally) asking for it.


Butterfly Mama said...

I talked to a mom of 4 going on 5 tonight (a random stranger) who said that 3 was the breaking point where you really just don't get caught up with anything. She said with #4 though it was easier!!!


Stephanie said...

That last bullet is so important...and so hard to do. It's tough to remember to take time out for our spouses when we're in the midst of babyhood...but it's so critical.