Tuesday, March 15, 2011

yogurt cheese, anyone?

This is a bit of a convoluted story.  Sorry.  :)

I wanted to make sugar cookies.  Hubby's really only likes sugar cookies if they are frosted and he really likes cream cheese frosting the best.  I had no cream cheese.  I had just seen a recipe for making yogurt cheese that turns out the consistency of cream cheese, yet with the benefits of the probiotics.  So, I began.  I was sold.

You start with regular, plain yogurt.  This is the tutorial I used. And here is the final result.

So, instead of taking 20 minutes to run to the store for a brick of cream cheese, I waited for 3 hours while the whey dripped out of my yogurt to make yogurt cheese.......so that I could make frosting.  Yes, slightly backwards thinking, I admit.

You know what, though?  I couldn't even tell that the frosting for my deliciously sugary sugar cookies was made with yogurt.  (Hubby said he could, but he came back for more cookies, so it must not have been too bad.)  And, we all got some healthy stuff in our gut for my venture.  Too fun!

Now, to use this whey that I have sitting here, begging for some grains to sprout.......

And this is what I'm going to make for Bible study in the morning to use up the rest of that yummy yogurt cheese.  Goodness, I love fruit.

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