Friday, February 02, 2007


Recently, when B asks if she can have chocolate milk, or water, or more food, Hubby has been being a stinker and saying, "no, I think the whole world is out of (fill in the blank.)" B and I always laugh about Daddy being silly.

Tonight, he started doing that during dinner and I was telling B that Daddy was being ornery. She thought it was hilarious to call Daddy ornery! *grin*

A few minutes later, I was recounting a story to DH about B and her cousin Clara.

When Clara was over the other day, she and B were playing in the family room. Clara was tired and started whining and asking for her mommy. B said, "No, that's my Mommy, her name Anna."

Hubby and I were laughing at how smart B was. B watched, quite pleased with herself. Then she proceeded to point to me and say:
B--B (pointing to herself.)

Little stinker!

(We did tell her that Kayleigh wasn't a mommy....)

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SarahRachel said...

That cracks me up!! Kids say the darndest things