Monday, February 26, 2007


I'm not sure, but it may be safe to say that K's better. After 2 1/2 days of being puked on 10-12 times a day, she seems to be feeling pretty good. She had a fever in the 101's (underarm) all of Friday and part of Saturday. The last puke, which in comparison to what I've been dealing with could hardly be considered a puke, was yesterday afternoon. Before that, it was 1am. So, more than 12 hours since the last mini-puke, even. I can't count the number of load of laundry that I've done. Hubby knew "the sound" and would ask if I needed one towel or two, then he would go get new pajamas for both K and me. Sometimes I was wet down to the underwear.

Mom always told us growing up to "put the best construction on everything." In that light, it could have been worse. She could be a toddler who eats regular food instead of just breastmilk. That would be much worse to clean up.

Fortunately, she was feeling better yesterday and Daddy was home to juggle childcare/sick wife care/food making/cleanup/laundry. OK, strike the last two, but the first three are the important ones anyway. :) Yesterday, I woke with a low grade fever and a sore throat. Nothing major, but definitely achey. I took a nap in the morning on the couch and then a late afternoon nap in bed. By myself. Can I tell you how lovely that was?? This morning, I'm much better. About 90%, I'd say.

Thank goodness.

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Kristie said...

Hope you feel better soon!