Tuesday, June 05, 2007

baby steps

Today my precious baby girl K is 10 months old. Where has the time gone? Here are some of her most recent accomplishments:

~Just yesterday, she started saying "up"
~Started saying "uh oh" (or sometimes "oh uh")
~Says bah-bye in context, albeit a bit delayed.
~Says aforementioned bah-bye in combination with waving
~Said DADA for the first time (of course, hubby wasn't home.)
~Continues to say mama, but generally only in a whining tone. :)
~Pulls up on ANYTHING in sight, including the not-so-steady washcloth drawer.
~She continues to show her incredible determination--you can NOT distract her, she'll crawl around, pull up, wiggle, climb over and possibly even scream in frustration, but can in no way be dissuaded from her goal.
~She has this insane ability to crane her neck around. She's continually turning her head what seems to be at a 180* angle, followed by twisting her entire body the same way. Crazy girl!

On Sunday, she hadn't slept well during the day and started whining during dinner. Pretty soon, there she was:

About 20 minutes later, she woke up. Almost instantly, she was reaching for the food on her tray and popping it into her mouth. It was too funny. Oh, and that's asparagus and corn. She eats pretty much anything other than banana (haven't figured that one out yet.) I try to feed her just about every time we eat as it seems to make her much happier. She's also getting to be quite competent at using a sippy cup.

In sleep news: we've been (a bit loosely) going by the NCSS, we're now on phase 2/phase 3. We put her down content and settled and rub her back until she goes to sleep. Then, for at least the first few wakeups during the night, we don't get her up, we just ask her to lie down and rub her back until she goes back down. Last night, she was down for the night (after a LONG fight) at 9:30 and slept until 2 when I went in and rubbed her back for about 2 minutes. Then she slept until 4. I nursed her that time since I was just about bursting. :) She had a hard time settling down, though, and ended up coming into bed with us at about 5, where she went back to sleep until almost 9. I was so proud of her! I'm not sure if I *needed* to go in at 2, since she was just grumbling. But I was up and in there before I really thought about it. Six and a half hours of sleep, though.....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Oh, and she TOOK 2 STEPS on Sunday. AHHHHHH!!!! Look out, big sister, here she comes!

K, you are such a joy! Your smile lights up our world. B loves you SO much and what a blessing it is to see. Your big blue eyes are captivating. Grandpa Ron calls them your "sparklers." We love you so much, K, and are so very blessed to have you in our family.

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