Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Milestones abound

You know you're in trouble when you have to start moving things up higher and higher to keep them out of reach of the little ones.

B can now boost herself up onto the counter (or anywhere, really) using her little stool. From there she can get anywhere. She can get the milk out of the frig when it is on a lower shelf. She can DEFINITELY get the chocolate syrup. She can get a cup. Can we say chocolate milk, folks? That's what I was envisioning all over my kitchen floor (and my daughter) when I came down the stairs today. I actually caught her before the milk left the jug, but it was a close call. Goodness, who would think to warn a 3 year old not to pour herself chocolate milk??? Apparently not me!

K can now get anywhere in about 3 minutes flat. Why, you ask? Well, she's crawling. She'll almost effortlessly go from lying on her back to crawling, then up to a sitting position and back down again. From watching Robbie, who can pull up, she's started grabbing onto something and pulling--she's not going up, yet, but I can see it coming. Know what else I see coming? Lots of bumps and bruises. With a wee bit of help, K crawled up the two little stairs between the family room and the dining room, scooted around on the hardwood for a bit, then started going back down. We got her flipped around in time, with only a laugh and a "I haven't seen you move that fast for a long time" comment from Daddy. Then she promptly tried to roll off the side of the stair. Has it really been that long since B did this? Goodness!!

Oh, and K got tooth #5 yesterday. Top right front tooth. It joins it's friends the left front top tooth and the three on the bottom. Just waiting to join the party is the slow little booger on the left side on the bottom. We keep thinking that we'll see it, but it stubbornly remains JUST hidden. I'm sure it will show up. Soon. I hope.

OK, just one more. My wonderful mother-in-law took me shopping last weekend. She got me a few clothes. They were a size 10. :) I love it! I'm now 4 pounds from my low after B. The low that happened rather effortlessly I now know. The low that didn't stick because I didn't have to work at it. The low that was 15 pounds lower that when I got pregnant with K. That very same low that I would like to get lower than--14 pounds lower than. I'm 4 pounds from the first low. Eighteen from the second. I'll get there. I promise. BUT, a size 10 is moving in the right direction.

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allison said...

I could have written your last paragraph exactly! Stick with it, you'll get there. And yay for Kayleigh crawling, but boo for Brynna getting up high. You and I are living identical lives. Although Ainsley's not crawling yet -- whew!