Monday, June 09, 2008

more about me challenge

I'm not sure that I'm getting this whole blogging thing. I'm having a hard time showing very much about who I am and what I enjoy doing or what I'm interested in. It's so very easy to do snippets of life with children/about children. But that's not who I am. That's what this is supposed to be, about pickle Annie, as my dad calls me. No, it's not really that I love pickles, although we did have to purchase some the other day when walking down that aisle in the grocery store. Pregnancy does crazy things to a girl.

Anyway, back to me. Just like most moms, I have a hard time doing things just for me. I tend to make it for my kids, or my family, or including them at least. Well, with baby #3 on the way, I fear that if I don't start taking some things for myself I might not have time for quite a long while.

So, how do you blogger ladies blog about yourselves? How do you put things out there knowing that people will then KNOW that about you? How do you go about finding out what you want to say and where you want to be going with your blog?

That's what I'm going to by trying to do in the future here at pickleannie. I'm so much more than my beautiful children. To start off, I'm going to make a list of things that interest me and I'll be doing some blogging about this list. Maybe that will get me going on the right track. My interests, just like yours, are a fluid thing with interest in different things changing as our lives change. So, here they are in no particular order:

cloth diapering
all sorts of craft-y-ish-ness
being a help meet to my husband
making a change in myself from frumpy to foxy
being more frugal
natural labor/delivery

I'm sure there are more, but that's what I'll start with.

So, that's my plan, folks, to share more about myself and hopefully get to know you a bit more!

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