Saturday, February 09, 2008

feeling sentimental

I feel like time is slipping through my fingers. My babies are growing up.

Tonight during dinner, B spilled her water and then promptly told me that she was "solving the problem" as she grabbed a towel and started cleaning it up.

The past couple night K has opted not to nurse before bed (which used to be a 1/2 hour feeding.) It seems she's now so excited to brush her teeth, she'd rather skip that portion of the bedtime routine. She also has been transitioning into going to sleep all by herself. We give hugs and kisses and plop her into bed. Then we *gasp* leave the room and let her go to sleep on her own. Shocking, I know. This just doesn't happen. ;) It's bittersweet, I have to say.

B is little miss independent. She gets dressed on her own, does her hair on her own, buckles herself into her seat on her own. She helps set the table and clean up after dinner. Tonight she helped me make chocolate pudding for dessert. She's certainly a little girl now. One who brings so much joy. OK, and a few headaches, but mostly joy.

Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful children!


Jay said...

It really does go fast doesn't it. I can't get over how Ariel has changed from a baby to a little girl. Its a magical time indeed.

Butterfly Mama said...


I like the new blog look.