Sunday, February 17, 2008

How hard can it be?

OK, how much planning can it take to go skiing for the day? We just have to find all of our snow gear, pack it and the stuff the girls need for the day with grandma and grandpa and hit the road, right? Well, basically yes, but it's not quite that simple. We're leaving the house at 6:40 so we must have for the girls:

clothes (2 sets each in case of accidents)
blankets/special stuffed animals

For us we need:
ski pants
extra socks
skis/boots/poles (which involves going to rent them)
and the toughy: deciding what is necessary to wear under the snow gear

Right now, I'm supposed to be looking through my closet deciding the number/combination of layers that would be appropriate for a day of skiing in 32* weather. Um, yeah, I'm on it, honey.....

Fortunately I got out my ski boots this afternoon just to make sure that they fit before we headed out to pick up rentals for hubby. Well, I discovered that the mice that found our home so attractive last winter also thought that my ski boots would make a nice cozy spot for them. GRRRRRR! They had chewed a bit of the lining on one side of one boot. I scrubbed, sanitized, boiled and scrubbed some more on it and then washed it in the washing machine so as to not get too grossed out by it. (OK, I didn't really boil it.) The liners are currently over a vent finishing their drying cycle. Have I ever mentioned that I hate mice?!

Most of my list is marked off and I'm just about ready to crawl into bed for a nice long rest before rolling out of bed to kill myself tomorrow. :) OK, maybe not kill myself, but I'm quite sure that I will be incredibly sore. On the bright side, we are planning on enjoying every stinking minute of having the day to ourselves doing something that we both enjoy so much.

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