Saturday, February 23, 2008

Pictures from the Ski trip

Alright, here they are. The pictures from our ski trip. Nothing too exciting, but good memories.

Through the bus windown on the way up. We've gotten so much snow this year that you can barely see the top of the fence posts in most places. It's so very serene.

The view from the chairlift down into the valley. You can see the resort right in the middle of the picture, too, if you look closely.
Partway down one run, it opened up and this was the view. Gorgeous!
And the obligatory self-portrait on the way up the lift.
We had such an amazing time. Really, it was awesome. We rode the shuttle bus up there rather than driving the Expedition that gets 14mpg. CHA-CHING!! It was $20 total for both of us on the shuttle. Sure, we were riding with a bunch of high schoolers, but we had a great time anyway. In order to combat the motion sickness that I was sure to get from riding in the very back of the bus, I slept part of each trip. Hubby, though, is quite a bit bigger than me and couldn't really get comfortable. On the way back they showed part of Star Wars (2, maybe?) so that helped make the time go by much faster for him, especially since he's such a huge Star Wars fan.
Our first real run of the day (after the refresher on the bunny slope and the chair lift) just about killed me. Word to the wise--don't every wear brand new (as in, not broken in) ski boots skiing. Yeah, big mistake. I actually contemplated asking someone to get the ski patrol to get me down the mountain. My legs/ankles/feet were in serious pain. And this is coming from a woman who has gone through two labors without a single pain killer, one of which was a breech delivery. So, uh, yeah, it hurt. Somehow, with the continually patient help of my hubby and a little bit of grit, I made it down the hill and even tried again. And again and again.... By about the third run, my boots were feeling about 80% better making for a much happier skiing companion.
We couldn't have asked for better weather, really. It was bright and beautiful. Some of the runs were getting a bit icy since it hadn't snowed in 72 hours, but overall they were great.Yesterday, I was sure that we would both wake up extremely sore, but we didn't. A few muscles here and there, but overall feeling good.
I would do this again in a heartbeat. Tomorrow, if I could.
It was so lovely to have it be just us. No kids, no other family. No time constraints, really. Just us. It was a great reminder of how much I love Scott and why I married him. He's so great! :)


Butterfly Mama said...

I'm so glad you guys had fun!!!!

SarahRachel said...

I'm so jealous!! I love skiing and haven't been in forever. Gorgeous pics!